Arik Weiss

Arik Weiss is an Israeli interdisciplinary artist. In his practice, he examines aspects of Judaism using aesthetic thinking and methods. He creates in a large variety of media, such as sculpture, photography, printmaking, video, and graphic design. Weiss employs conceptual elements of Jewish philosophical and textual heritage: Biblical verses, syntax, sayings of the Sages, customs and rituals, integrating them into contemporary art symbols imbuing them with new meaning. Like a designer creating corporate brands and organizational logos, Weiss takes Jewish elements from various historical periods, and shows their essence through the means of contemporary art. Arik establishes an aesthetic relationship between the physical and the metaphysical, referring to the tradition of American Minimalism and Conceptualism. Weiss’ work has been shown at the Jerusalem Biennale, Ein Harod Museum of Art, Beit Meirov Art Gallery in Holon, the Artists House in Jerusalem, and more.